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More than 400,000 women die from cardiovascular disease every year.  In fact, 90% of us already have at least one risk factor for heart disease.


Even today, women are under-researched, under-diagnosed and under-treated. We deserve better!  Join the movement to help inspire and enable women to take action that prevents heart attack, stroke, and premature death,

It's free to become one of our #RedHeartMamas so take a moment and sign up today to help us save lives!

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Funds raised through our #RedHeartMamas group help fund our heart health educational and screening programs including our scholarship fund for at-risk women with financial barriers for advance screenings.  DONATE TODAY!

Think about what the Pink Ribbon campaigns did to help raise awareness about breast cancer, educate women about the critical need for early detection  and to mobilize women to demand better care. Think of the lives that have been saved because of this movement. Even young children know what the pink ribbon represents! It's time women take action against our #1 killer!


How can we inspire women to take our message of prevention to their family members, neighbors, co-workers and community? How do we say with a unified voice, "We deserve better"?  How many more women do we have to lose before we say "ENOUGH!"?  It's up to each one of us!


By joining #RedHeartMamas, you are pledging to be a part of this change. You are promising that you will share this message with the women in your life and become part of the solution.  We can't wait for anyone else to start this movement. It begins with us.  It begins today because too many women won't have a tomorrow.

It's FREE to join!  


Today is a perfect day to make the pledge toward a heart healthy life!  Sign up today and then share this page with your friends!  

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It's time we get REAL.

Chances are, you probably have at least one risk factor for heart disease.

While it's concerning that 90% of American women have one or more risk factors for heart disease, what is more alarming is that most of us find out we have it only after we have a heart attack or, worse, our family learns we had the disease after we die.

Each year, more than 37 million mammograms are performed; more than 14 million colonoscopies are done.  WHY?

Yes, because early detection saves lives.  But, we don't seem to treat heart disease with the same sense of urgency.  That MUST change ... and now!

Since 80% of the risk factors that lead to coronary heart disease can be prevented or managed, it's time we understand that this is a fight we can win ... and it starts ... with each one of us!

STEP ONE:  Know Your Risk Factors

Through a basic heart health screening you can learn your individual risk factors for heart disease.  This includes a check of your cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, BMI/waist circumference and a review of your family and medical history. Learn the warning signs of heart disease and the symptoms of heart attack or stroke in women.

STEP TWODevelop a Plan with Your Health Care Provider

Based on your risk factors, develop a plan for nutrition, exercise and smoking cessation (if you smoke).  Eat REAL food; limit fast, processed and fast food as well as added sugar and sodium. Choose water over sugar drinks and watch your portion sizes and alcohol consumption. Consider your doctor as a partner in your heart health and don't be afraid to ask questions!

STEP THREE:  Ask for a Heart Scan


If you are 55 years of age, or over 40 years of age with at least one or more risk factors for heart disease, talk to your doctor about a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan. This advance screening is one of the most effective methods today of detecting heart disease at its earliest stages. 

Take a few minutes to download, read and share The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women.  


Upcoming #RedHeartMamas Events & Programs

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